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Shaired Flights

Shaired flights are pre-booked flights with empty seats or flight legs that Shaire users are willing to Shaire with other travellers. If you find a flight you want, click on it and book your seat to reserve your luxury one-of-a-kind flight experience.

No Shaired flights are currently scheduled. Click here to request a flight.

Flight Sales

We have created a number of package deals and flight sales to help you experience the difference in our luxury air travel for even less. Click on the Reserve button below for more information and to reserve your flight.

No flight sales are currently posted.  Click here to request a flight.

Inquiry Board

Interested in sharing travel costs by allowing others to book unused seats on your flight but don't know how? Simply fill out our Request Flight form and express your interest in making your flight a "Shaired Flight" and provide any details we can include to find you a potential travel match.

No inquiries are currently posted. Click here to request a flight.

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